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Virtual Public Input: December 17, 2020 - January 2, 2021

The City of Bentonville is developing a comprehensive Master Street Plan for all modes of transportation within the community. The goals of this plan are to reduce congestion, improve traffic flow, allow for complete bicycle and pedestrian connections, and improve public transportation. The Plan helps the City evaluate the multi-modal needs of the transportation system, determine Right-of-Way elements, street classification, and develop street sections.

Throughout the past year, engineers and planners have been gathering and analyzing existing and projected traffic data, land uses, and other relevant information within the City of Bentonville.

Public input and engagement has also been an important component of this plan. Throughout 2020, the City has held in-person and online forums and interactive online surveys to obtain input from the public at various stages of the plan’s development. Over 2,200 public comments have been received to date. This public input has aided the City in identifying areas of concern and provided insight into what the citizens believe would facilitate effective transportation within the City.

As the City nears completion of this plan, we ask for your participation and input regarding the proposed Master Street Plan Map and proposed Typical Street Sections shown on this site. Your feedback is important to the City of Bentonville.