Bentonville Master Street Plan


Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Master Street Plan?

The Master Street Plan is a long-range plan for future connectivity of the transportation system throughout the City.  The Master Street Plan will serve as a guide for future development and is not a list of future projects for the city.  When new developments and subdivisions are approved by the Planning Commission, they are required to dedicate Right-of-Way to the city based on the Master Street Plan roadway classification. Some developments may also be required to make street improvements to existing city streets accessed by their development project according to the plan. 


Is the Master Street Plan a map of future annexations for the City of Bentonville?

No, the Master Street Plan extends out to the city’s current planning boundary and is not intended to be a map for future annexations by the city.  Any future annexations would need to be approved separately by City Council.  


Has the Master Street Plan been coordinated with the city’s bicycle and pedestrian plan?

Yes, the draft of the Master Street Plan has been coordinated to be consistent with the city’s Bicycle and Pedestrian plan, Connecting Bentonville.  The Connecting Bentonville plan is currently underway and will provide more detailed information specifically about future bicycle and pedestrian infrastructure within the city.  The typical sections developed for each roadway classification have followed recommendations from the city’s Bicycle and Pedestrian plan.