Bentonville Master Street Plan



Typical Section Exhibits

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Exhibit Glossary

  • Arterials carry high volumes of through-traffic and connect and support the expressways. They link major commercial, residential, industrial and institutional areas. The main function of an arterial street is to carry traffic within the community and between major activity centers of the region. The arterial system carries most of the traffic entering and leaving the city. Residential frontage is discouraged.
  • Collector streets provide both access and circulation within residential, commercial, and industrial areas. Collectors differ from arterials in that they provide more of a citywide circulation function, do not require as extensive access control, and penetrate residential neighborhoods, distributing trips from the neighborhood and local street system. Collectors are commonly located along neighborhood borders and collect traffic from residential areas and channel vehicles to major arterials.
  • Local roads provide access to residential property or abutting land uses. They are not intended to provide for through-traffic movements.

Arterial Boulevard with

Arterial with

Arterial with 2-Way
Sidewalk/Bike Lane

Arterial with

Collector Boulevard
with Bike Lanes

Collector with

Collector with
Bike Lanes


Downtown Collector
with Parking

Local with
Shared Use

Downtown Local with Shared Use